Saturday, July 07, 2012

How to eat a tomato

 It is hard to ignore the deliciousness of summer even when temperatures climb to a mind-numbing degree. So, when I am so fortunate as to come into possession of one of Georgia's prize vegetables (or fruits...whatever), tomatoes, I'm eager to eat one. I first take them home and neatly line them up on my kitchen counter to marvel at their bright red beauty. I. Love. Tomatoes.
Then I quietly (and quickly) give thanks as I slice up a tomato. But something's not right. I'm not alone. This time, as I sit with my fork and knife to taste summer's yumminess, I'm stopped by a little person who quietly (and quickly) slides my plate towards himself and gives me a new lesson in eating a tomato.

1. In order to properly survey which tomato slice to eat first, you must get above the red slices. This is easily done by standing up in your chair (whilst momma holds you in place, of course).

2. After surveying commit to a tomato slice and take a BIG bite, thus getting all the juicy goodness.

3. Man, that was a BIG bite!

4. After going through and taking a BIG bite from each and every slice, sit and survey the carnage. Oh, and pat yourself on the back for successfully claiming momma's tomato as your own.

5. Then gingerly pick through whatever tomato slices are left.

Are those good tomatoes, son? 

Yes, they are momma!

 Our little tomato thief. 

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