Friday, December 30, 2011

The Christmas Rush

Oh how things have changed for us and just in the past year!
Instead of days consumed with learning to care for a newborn at a somewhat slow and relaxed pace, we spent this Christmas season rushing around juggling naptimes, feeding schedules, family, church, un-wrapping presents or rather begging Mac to unwrap at least one present, and chasing our little man around making sure he doesn't eat all the shiny paper/ribbon/bows.
It was festive and fast and we loved every minute of it, so let's get to it!

Opening his stocking (is that how you would say it?) and looking completely confused.
Little did he know this was the first of many, many gifts. 
Grandmother love. 
Cousin Hayden with her homemade Hello Kitty hat and homemade appliqu├ęd shirt.
This is how we do it, y'all. 
"Oh you shiny ribbon, why do you taste so good?"
No really, shiny ribbon why, his mother wants to know.  
Oh shiny Christmas tree.
We are thankful twinkling lights did not appeal to Mac's palate this year. 
Mac taking a second to look into the opened present before
resuming banging his sippy cup on the present marked "fragile."
Cousin Isaac giving Mac "present-opening lessons." 
Mac playing with the nativity set. 
Did you know that the shepherds came to see baby Jesus riding on their red tractors? 
True story. 
Oh those dimples! 
Happy New Year! 

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